So, um, waiting on cover art. And, you know, squeeeeeing with joy over this novel.


I’m waiting on cover art and edits for Devoted. I’m a little excited, but also a little apprehensive, because this is my first published novel with a hero and heroine (rather than a hero and a hero and a heroine) and I wrote it for my mom. She has read all of my writing (since I was, like, three, because that is what moms do, right?), but I’ve never written a novel specifically for her. And then I started this one and it turned into a crazy sci-fi adventure romance.

My mother likes mysteries. And thrillers. The only sci-fi she reads are those books I talk her into reading because I loved them so much.

So. It’s a little bit like making your mom a birthday card. Pretend you’re in third grade and your mom, well, she knows you can’t go shopping to buy her anything yet so she says she would love for you to make a card for her. So you grab your art supplies and settle down on the living room floor. You open the glue and and try to think of something nice to say, but the purple sparkly stars are just sitting there, staring at you with their sparkly awesomeness. You have to use them, right? Except, well, your mom’s favorite color is blue. So you think: well, she’ll like this because I’ll draw a rose on the front,too. She likes roses. And then you find yourself drawing a unicorn and a rainbow and grass and there are no roses anywhere. Crap. But you give it to her anyway and she says she loves it and gives you a hug and all the while she’s making barfing faces at your dad who is trying desperately hard to not laugh. . .

Well, I think you get the picture.

Hi Mom! Hope you like this book even though there are aliens and a queen and her bodyguard and a planetary shield that must be activated to save Arcadia! The bodyguard is really hot, I promise! His name is Zefirino. And he’s, like, really muscular and also sweet.



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