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Erotic Sci-fi Romantic Suspense, MF

Word Count: 61, 270
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

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Queen Ximena is devoted to her people and will gladly sacrifice herself for them, even if it means her death. Her bodyguard, Zefirino, is devoted to her and will gladly sacrifice himself to keep her alive.

When a terrible enemy suddenly attacks their planet, how will they protect those they love without losing each other? Together they survive an assassination attempt, invasion, and capture, but they both know that their duty may eventually tear them apart.

How can Ximena give her life for her people when she knows that Zefirino will die trying to save her? Who does she put first: her planet, or the lover she isn’t even supposed to have?

What are people saying about Devotion?

The Talent Cave Reviews

Rating: 5 stars! A recommended read!

Queen Ximena falls for her bodyguard, and Aegis Strike Leader, Zefirino. The two of them have been “companions” since they were small children. Their attraction for each other has been hampered by her duty as the Queen, and his duty as her trusted bodyguard. Things begin to spark between them when the Queen is attacked at her palace (by who or what I’ll leave as a surprise).

At first, the palace setting seemed a little reminiscent of other sci-fi palace settings, but as the story unfolded I was taken into an interesting, and action packed world that was believable. The author does a great job of allowing her readers to “see” the bond Ximena and Zefirino have to each other while being tested. The love story between the Queen and Zefirino is well done, and the sex sizzling. The two had the right amount of tension, desire, and mischief between them. Zefirino is the perfect devoted hero, and Ximena is a great heroine with the added responsibility of being a good leader to her people.

Of course there is so much more to this book, but as my style, I like to leave less said and more to the readers to discover. Overall, I enjoyed reading Devotion, and believe this book should be a recommended read.

Reviewer: Brandi