six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (a hero and his love—Seducing Liselle):

He smiled sheepishly. “I wasn’t expecting company.”

She chuckled and tucked her face in his neck. “I can see that.”

He tucked her in without another word, pulling the sheets and comforter up around them both. “Sleep now,” he said, curling around her.


six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (retired military guy falls for a woman who needs a hero). My tentative title for this one is Seducing Liselle:

“Don’t worry about the damn pie,” he said, a faint hint of exasperation threading through his voice.

She flinched back, a sudden stab of fear making her heart pound. What was she doing, trusting a man she’d just met?

“Hey now, none of that. You know I won’t hurt you,” John said, touching her hand again. His voice was gentle but insistent.

six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my brand new WIP (a contemporary with a sexy hero (ex Air Force) and a girl who needs saving):

She stopped and stared.

The man in the doorway had short blond hair, green eyes, and a physique that she’d only ever seen before on the cover of a supermarket magazine. She stopped, heart suddenly pounding, glad she had mittens on because sweaty palms was not the kind of first impression she wanted to make.

The man opened the screen door and stepped onto the porch. Liselle forced herself up the last few steps, desperately trying not to stare at his bare feet. Who walked outside in February with bare feet?

six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (vampires and bad guys and romance!):

“Are you ready?” he asked her.

She nodded, kissing him again. He growled and bit her neck. The hot, sweet blood welled into his mouth and he swallowed it, savoring the essence of his mate. She tasted like nirvana. Sienna arched her back, keening, and Jasper knew she was suddenly, shockingly close.

six sentence sunday #sixsunday

From my WIP (vampires and bad guys and romance!):

She slid her fingers underneath the blade.

“Careful,” he warned, not wanting to see her hurt herself. The pulse in her wrist flared and he struggled not to focus on it. He should have fed before coming here.

She grinned suddenly and grabbed it by the handle, flicking the blade back inside where it belonged. He let his hand drop, strangely disappointed.